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Generac Generators

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Home Power Generators

Have you ever had your power go out and found yourself looking out at your neighborhood, and then seeing that one neighbor whose home is fully powered? While you might often take for granted your electrical power you will miss it sorely when the power goes out and you lose your lights, air conditioning or heating, television and computers. You can avoid this inconvenience by calling Current Demands to get a gas powered home generator. Prices for home generators are less than you may think and can be quickly installed by any of our electricians in Atlanta.

Generac Home Power GeneratorsAtlanta area residents are increasingly purchasing home generators for power outages. There are many brands of power generators and they are available in many different power levels. As Atlanta electrical contractors that have years of experience in selecting and installing power generators, we can help you to find the best power generator for your needs. Don't risk buying the wrong brand or size residential power generator. Call Current Demands at 770-382-1617 to get a professional recommendation!

We can furnish and install any brand of power generator for home or light commercial use! For commercial power generator needs we recommend Caterpillar power generators.

Our first choice for a home power generator is the reliable Generac Power Generator. Generac makes many models, each with it's own level of power output, and designs that are perfect for installations in tight areas. Generac power generators are relatively small and quiet which means you can have a great backup power source that is fairly inconspicuous. The new dual fuel power generators are especially neat designs that you need to see to believe. Other popular competing brands are Kohler power generators, Lennox power generators, Honda power generators, Caterpillar power generators and other popular brands of power generation equipment.

Portable vs. Standby Generators

Portable generators are the most common type of generator however they are generally unable to provide full power for a home. Standby generators, or residential generators, are installed as a fixed position unit which is wired directly into your home's electrical system. The unique advantage of the standby generator versus the portable generator is that standby generator can automoatically detect a power outage and instantly start-up to provide power. Standby generators are the most appropriate choice for home generators for power outages.

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It was a big choice, but we've never regretted buying a Generac power generator for our home. My wife and I agree that this was smart.