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Current Demands Electrical Services

Voice, Data, Multimedia & Low Voltage Wiring

Building wiring for voice, data transfer and video applies to wiring that powers or enables cable television, internet access, telephones, security cameras, card access systems, and more. We recommend calling us for our professional design consulting and full low voltage installation. Communications wiring is susceptible to interference if it is run too close to line voltage wiring, and certain wiring or cabling can have multiple uses if wired properly. An example is being able to have VoIP telephone service on the same lines as your internet service. We can be a great asset in planning the installation of voice, data, multimedia and low voltage wiring in your home or business.

We can wire your home or building exactly as you need it to be done, and in a safe, professional manner. We can install patch panels for organized wiring for all your CAT5, CAT6 or RG6 wiring. We can wire for any Data/Voice/Video system including, home automation, and CCTV cameras. Your voice/data/video wiring can be installed with structured wiring boxes which provide a neat, polished installation, and makes it quite easy to later integrate newer technologies.

Low Voltage Wiring Electricians

Low Voltage Wiring We are low voltage system experts. Working with low voltage systems is much different than working with traditional electrical power service. Our electricians have completed special training to become certified in low voltage electrical work. The low voltage lighting kits in the big box stores are poor representations of the advantages available by using low voltage products. The benefits of using low voltage wiring include tremendous power savings (lower electric bills), and it gets even better when you use LED lamp options.

Where Might I Have Low Voltage Wiring? Traditionally, working with residential low voltage wiring was pretty much limited to phone lines, thermostats, and doorbells. Today, low voltage wiring is used in many home automation systems, intercom systems, and low voltage outdoor lighting.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic network cables provide home and business owners with an incredible performance increase for information transfer. Fiber optic cable networks deliver very noticeable improvements in both speed and bandwidth versus traditional copper wiring. Fiber optic network cables are built upon light-based information transfer technology Using optical signals far surpasses what can ever be achieved using electrical signals.

Why Is Fiber Optic Better Than Copper? Optical fibers outperform traditional copper wiring in any type of comparison. Speed is improved because the technology alone is superior, and fiber optic cables have superb protection against external interfering signals. The actual travel time (time to send the information) is sent at the speed of light signals, and the bandwith is maximized. You can utilize the same channel to send the maximum amount of information in the least amount of time. The end result is faster delivery of clear, precise communications of your data.


He was very professional, did a great job, cleaned up when finished and the price was reasonable.